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Aren & Élise

Aren & Élise is a 21st century re-telling of the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah. In 2011 Aren Karajian is a widowed sixty-two year old solar technology entrepreneur, originally from Armenia. Élise Douchet is a nevermarried and childless French and Spanish teacher at a Boston prep school. She grew up in Montreal, Canada but is originally from French Saint Martin and Haiti. She comes to terms with turning 50 by going on a hiking retreat in Vermont. When Aren rescues Élise after she falls during a morning hike, he is surprised to discover the grey-haired woman he rescues is actually a very beautiful woman. He is smitten.


A dogged pursuit ensues. A sultry romance flourishes. A miracle happens. Can a miracle upend your life and shatter your relationship? In the Boston Marathon you must go through Heartbreak Hill to finish the race. So it is for Aren and Élise in the marathon of their life.



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